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Luke 3 BEONE #beonemakeone

January 17, 2019

As we know Luke also wrote Acts. I am sure as Luke wrote this passage we know as chapter 3 he clearly had in mind the conclusion of Peter’s sermon in Acts ringing in his ears. Peter concludes his first sermon with the response of those wanting to be followers of Jesus..

‘Repent and be baptised, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit’ Acts 2:38

And in this passage Luke leads us through the same process if we are to know the Lord’s salvation and be his disciples.

1. Repentance – Verse 18 tells us that John’s baptism was the gospel. It was good news. It was through repentance and baptism that the people could know forgiveness of sins and escape the wrath of God’s judgement. Luke is telling us that repentance is first a heart condition. A turning around and towards God. The Pharisees were condemned as they did not see their need to repent (cf Luke 5:30-31). They had no heart response. Repentance of the heart leads to confession. Matthew records that they confessed with their mouths their sins. And finally confession leads to change in actions. For us to repent it needs to start with the heart felt need which leads to a confession of the mouth which leads to a change in actions. Have you truly repented? What actions do you need to take to demonstrate this?

2. Believe – Although John’s baptism was good news it was not complete without Jesus (see Acts 19:1-6). This chapter is pointing to belief in Jesus. From the comparison of human authorities in verse 1, through to John’s confession if him as the messiah whose sandal straps he is not worthy to untie and his confession that he will baptise with the Holy Spirit and will judge. Luke is showing with his reference to John’s imprisonment that Jesus is starting a new era which is emphasised at the end of the chapter by reference to the genealogy of Jesus back to Adam. Jesus is the start of a new humanity – the last Adam. Therefore to know salvation there has to be a a belief and confession of Jesus as the Son of God.

3. Baptism – To receive this Salvation there also needs to be a baptism. Not just a baptism of repentance but one of identification with Christ. To enter into the new humanity and to be a disciple of Jesus.

4. Receive the Holy Spirit – however Luke’s emphasis in this passage is on the gift of the Holy Spirit. This gift is from Jesus and for those who have put their faith in Jesus and identified with him through baptism. It is interesting that only Luke records the action of Jesus as he received the Holy Spirit – he was praying. How much more than Jesus (who was fully God but in his humanity prayed for the infilling of the Holy Spirit) do we need to pray for and receive the Holy Spirit. Have you asked him. (see Luke 11:13).

Like Jesus as we receive the Spirit, the Spirit of adoption, we to can have the witness of the Spirit that we are a child of God, loved by God and perhaps most significantly that God is pleased with us – before we do anything! This is the identity that we live from and comes as we pray for the Holy Spirit.

So the question is what is stopping you repenting, believing, being baptised and asking for the Holy Spirit. This is how you become a disciple of Jesus. #Beone

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