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Advent 3 Following is Obeying

December 15, 2018


When we hear these words of Jesus ‘teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you’ we are reminded that Jesus was a living, breathing, talking person who taught us. This Advent Sunday we remember that God came into the world, Emmanuel and dwelt among us as the Light of the World. Jesus inhabited history. So this Christmas let us celebrate the coming of God into our world. We celebrate the Word becoming flesh but let us also celebrate the word of God, the bible, which is not only an accurate account of God’s interaction and intervention in history but as Christians believe the very word of God.

So how do we know what to teach the followers of Jesus – not our own ideas, or philosophies but the word of God – the bible. So let us be those who work hard in understanding and following the word of truth (2 Tim 2:15).

In this verse Jesus is specifically calling us to follow his commands. Have you ever spent time listing the commands of Jesus. How about to begin with  ‘Come to me’ ; ‘be born again’; ‘pray’;’give’; ‘witness’; ‘heal the sick’; LOVE ONE ANOTHER………

However this verse reminds us that we are not to just teach the commands of Jesus but teaching them to be obeyed. We are not to just add burdens to disciples but to help them obey. This surely includes teaching but also demonstrating, pastoring, walking alongside, picking up, forgiving, not judging, as well as teaching how the Holy Spirit is given to enable us to obey. I came across this quote recently ‘What if discipling is about journeying with others in order to make them like you?’

But I believe the main way to teaching disciples to obey is to help them understand who they are obeying, They are obeying the one who has all authority and therefore knows and has authority for the way to peace, blessing and life. However Christmas reminds us all that we are obeying the one who did not force his reign or kingdom on us but came humbly as a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger. A baby come to be received gladly into our lives and loved simply for who he is. That is why Jesus himself said that it is those who love him that will obey his commands.

This Christmas let the story draw you to receive and love Jesus and then obey the commands of the one who though he was rich yet for our sake became poor, so that we through his poverty might become rich. His commands are then not burdensome but an act of love and trust.

#be1make1 – be1 by obeying the commands of Jesus and then make1 to obey the command of Jesus

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