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Thirsty for change? Jan 4th

January 4, 2018

Why do we love the story of Elijah so much? Is it the contest? the confrontation? the challenge? the choice? The conquest? the fire! Everyone loves fire!  Is it because it reminds us of our faith victories? Our early boldness in faith? Our power encounters with the Lord? Those days when our love for the Lord could even be described as a consuming fire? 

But what happens – the conquest is over, the choice is made, the fire dwindles and everyone goes home and carries on as normal – still trying to survive a drought, still living in a land where there is no water – in many ways like us, like our Christian life turns out.

But not Elijah! He is not satisfied with conversions, choices and fire he wants lasting, transformational, life giving, culture altering change. He wants the rain! He wants revival. So what does he do! He promises rain (1 Kings 18 v41) and then he climbs to the top of the mountain and prays for rain (v42) and ask his servant to look to the horizon for rain – not once, not a few times but seven times (v43) and then he sees a cloud the size of a mans hand and declares a tropical storm! 
What about you? Are you living on past conquest, choices and a dwindling fire or are you finding an isolated place to watch and pray for the spiritual rains of blessing promised in the scripture for you,  the church and our society.  Are you still believing and praying although you have done so many times before – don’t give up. Keep watching and praying. Run to te secret place again and again. Keep looking for the signs, the tiny clouds of hope and answered prayer – keeping asking and believing. How did Elijah have such tenanicity – surely it was that he knew the promises of God (see yesterdays blog) and not only knew them believed in them so that he could petition the Lord for them.

Jesus knew the secret place of the desert after his voice from heaven and Spirit descending as for 40 days he was led into the dessert. The apostle Paul new three of years in the secret place before he was released into a world changing ministry. 

How about you? Find your mountain top, your desert, your secret place and watch and pray. For how ever long it takes to see a tiny cloud of hope, of answered prayer, of rains coming. The fire is not sufficient, the secret place is needed. Run to the your secret place and pray and watch again. Just because you haven’t seen the the rains of the Lord’s blessing before – speak in faith, pray in faith and watch in faith.

What’s stopping you?

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