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Thirsty for Change? 

December 31, 2017

 ‘How long will you waver between two opinions? If the Lord is God follow him.’ 1 Kings 18:21

At University I was nicknamed ‘worst case scenario man’ but as we enter 2018 I am really positive and believe we are living in really exciting times when the Lord is doing something across our nation.  I have had recently the opportunity to read about all the Lord is beginning to do through the prayer of his people. We have been living in a spiritual drought both individually and as a nation but I believe the rains of revival are coming.  Are you thirsty for change? Are you thirsty for a change in yourself, in your family, in your work place? Then read on and commit this first week of 2018 to learn and pray through the principles to bring the rains of refreshing into your life, our church communities and our nation.

How do we bring the rains of blessings from the Lord? What do we need to do? What do we need to start doing in 2018? What do we need to stop doing? What do we need to keep doing? As I have been praying about this the Lord has brought me to 1 Kings 17-20. The famous story of Elijah. I believe this story holds the clue for us to move from a spiritual drought to rains of revival. I believe this holds true for us individually, our families, our church, our town and our nation. And in this coming week! The first of 2018. I want to explore this story on my blog to lay out the principles of bringing this revival to each of these areas. So do look back each day from the 1st to 7th January 2018. Allow it to grow a thirst in you for change. Allow it to move you to prayer. And look for the rain clouds of answers to prayer in 2018 that it may increase your faith.

The first principle is taken from my verse for the year –

‘How long will you waver between two opinions. If the Lord is God follow him.’

The first principle to see change is ‘Choose the Lord vocally & exclusively’. It is interesting to note that when Elijah asked the people this question – the people went silent. They could or would not say (as they did later) “The Lord – he is God’. As you begin 2018 how would you answer this question? Will you choose to follow God above all else? Can you say ‘The Lord – He is God’. I will follow, obey and serve him in 2018 – whatever the cost? Or will you just remain silent? Are you thirsting for change – in 2018 make a fresh start and choose to believe in and follow Jesus.

In the context of this passage the people were following the apathy of their times. King Ahab had married Jezebel and Ahab compromised his worship of God and began to accept the worship of Baal (16:31-32). It is not that he rejected the Lord but was weak willed and tolerated and incorporated the worship of Baal into his life and the life of society. I am sure he just wanted the easy home life, he didn’t want to rock the boat. And the people just followed in his apathy and the consequence was a drought (Deut 11:16-17). Is this a picture of the church today? A picture of your life? Do you feel spiritually dry? The Hebrew for ‘waver’ is literally ‘to limp’ or ‘sink’. Is the church or are you ‘limping’, agonising over every step, alternating between truths, ‘sinking’ slowly in the mud mire of our culture?

It is time to stop limping, sinking and wavering but to make a vocal and exclusive decision to follow Jesus. 

Elijah’s – whose name literally means the Lord is God – challenge to the people of God in his day surely is the challenge to the/our church in our day. If the Lord is God follow him. Will you vocally declare that you are following Jesus? Will you follow Jesus exclusively? Will he have first hold and say in your life? This is the first step to being spiritually revived.

What is your answer to our verse of the year? Or will you to remain silent?

If yours answer is ‘The Lord is God – I will follow him’, some questions to think about

1. Have you become a Christian by declaring this with your mouth – see Romans 10:9-10. How about doing that now at the start of 2018 by praying to Jesus out loud ‘Jesus I believe you are Lord and God. I give myself to follow you. Forgive me when I have gone my own way but because Jesus, you died and rose again I believe you have forgiven me and now please come into my life and enable me to live for you. As I speak this I know I am a Christian and forever will follow you. Amen.’

2. Have you declared this publically by being baptised?

3. Have you joined with a church to live out what it means for us to follow Jesus in our culture and context? How about considering becoming a church member? Will you start committing weekly to following Jesus with this group of people? 

For those of us who are still undecided, unconvinced, remaining silent or are still uncertain whether the rains of revival can come to us, in my next blog I will be exploring how the silent people became a vocal and transformed people.


A Happy New Year to you all.




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