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On your Mark

May 18, 2012

The Euro’s begin soon  for England –  June 11th

The Olympics opening ceremony is July 27th

Are you ready?

The Olympic motto is faster, higher, stronger.

We know the difference between Gold and failure is milliseconds or millimetres.

So reaction times are so important. They tell me the reaction time of a top athlete is 0.12secs. The IAAF consider if someone reacts sooner than 0.1 sec they have false started. In 1991 when Burrell broke the 100m world record his reaction time was 0.117 secs compared to C.S.Lewis in the same race who reacted in a snail pace of 0.166 seconds.  Taking away the reaction times Lewis was actually faster. So how we react is important!

What is your reaction time? – test it out

Alternatively try this race against your friend. Read through this sentence as quickly as you can and see who can be the first to count the number of f’s.

Finished files are the result
of years of scientific study
combined with the experience
of years…

In your haste did you miss any –there are 6! Perhaps your brain is not as quick as you thought! Our reaction times deteriorate as we get older.

Jesus said ‘I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it; Mark 10:15.

I don’t think Jesus meant us to be childish in what we believe but simply to not be so stuck in our ideas that we are not ready to listen and change our mind. I think he meant for us to have a child like determination and desire to be first, to get the prize. Jesus described himself as the treasure, the pearl of great price – the gold medal if you like – that is worth finding.

So our challenge to you this Olympic summer is to get on your Mark by reading Mark’s gospel – being prepared to listen and learn and if necessary react to what you read – like the f’s you never know you may have missed something! Mark’s gospel is the shortest and most succinct account of Jesus’ life as Mark is so keen for us to discover Jesus for ourselves.

So do visit us at Wallingford Baptist Church  we show the England Euro’s games (11th; 15th; 19th June), or at our Olympic fun day (July 29th Kinecroft)  or at our holiday club(5th to 11th August) or at bunkfest – test your reaction times with us and if you want to take one of our free Mark’s gospel.

Visit our website for more details or if you want to request a gospel.

Over the next few weeks I will try to write some blogs to be your training partner, your companion as you embark on this challenge to read the gospel of Mark. On your Mark, get set, GO

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