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Signs and Sermons

November 21, 2011

For those listening to my sermon ‘Does God heal today?’ from the Wallingford Baptist Church website, here are the images I used that hopefully will make the introduction now make sense.

For those not listening to the sermon they are simply a reminder that signs can be confusing or misleading but are meant to be there for us as warning or as a help. As we come up to Christmas we remember the shepherds that first Christmas were given a sign that God had finally come into the world and was acting to save it – the sign was a baby wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger, Jesus Christ (Luke 2:12). For many this sign has been misunderstood but for us Christians it is a sign that needs to be acted upon. For the shepherds they acted on it and went on a search. This Christmas follow their example and search out the Christ child and discover how he is good news.

John in his gospel in the bible tells us that the miracles of Jesus were also signs (John 2:11) of the glory of Jesus and that God has come to the earth and signs that the Kingdom (reign) of God had come and at the end of Mark’s gospel (16:17) we read that signs would also follow those who believe. Which takes us full circle back to the question of the sermon ‘Does God heal today?’. I believe the answer is yes, that God heals people through the church as we pray for the sick. We do not see everyone who is prayed for made well but those that are healed are signs that the Kingdom of God is near and among us. One day it will fully come when all sickness will be gone and death itself will be destroyed but until then as a church we should pray for the sick and look for healing as signs of the good news of the glorious coming Kingdom. Let us not limit the signs to healing but understand our calling to be far more reaching as we receive our commission in Luke 4:18-19.

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